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America Center

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America Center is a multiphase development in San Jose, CA. Coming in at 1.1 million square feet of state-of-the-art office space, it sits on 13 acres of land with unobstructed views of the San Francisco Bay and Valley.

With the completion of Phase II, our San Francisco marketing team at Cushman & Wakefield was brought in to develop a full print and digital campaign to highlight the two new 6-story buildings and accompanying amenity building.

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Mock-up of website on large desktop screen



The challenge of this inherited project was creating a versatile and flexible marketing campaign that could be used for each phase of this development while remaining distinguishable from one another.


The second challenge was ensuring a quick and seamless experience throughout the site without sacrificing accessibility or quality.



Our team began working on the print material for Phase II including a brochure and environmental collateral for their marketing suite. We then further developed some key design elements that would be used throughout the campaigns for each phase.

Once this was established, we moved to design the website as well as a 10-part email campaign excluding announcements and special event collateral.

Initial sketch of website for multipage design. After further sketching, single scrolling site was found to be the most effective layout for this project

After approval, I began bringing in the content from the brochure and rewriting the SASS for each component. One of the most difficult aspects of the site to build was the interactive map built into a tab structure.

After launching the site, we've undergone a few updates as floor plans change and details need updating.


The result is a versatile and extensive campaign that we expanded to enable content to be displayed in new and refreshing ways across mediums while staying true to brand and message.

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Screenshot of responsive layout on mobile

Layout utitlizes swiping to cycle through content on mobile.

Screenshot of responsive layout on mobile

Mobile layout retains offset images with angled gradient background.

Screenshot of responsive layout on mobile

Interactive map uses 50% screen width on larger screens and switches to tabbed layout on mobile.

Screenshot of responsive layout on mobile

Single scrolling website design utilizing tabbed layout to organize multi-level content.

Email Campaign
Print Campaign


  • Client – USAA Real Estate, Steelwave
  • Agency – Cushman & Wakefield
  • Project Manager – Angie Espejo
  • Print Design – Rishad Amarkhel, Gustavo Youngberg
  • Email Design – Rishad Amarkhel, Gustavo Youngberg
  • Environmental Design – Rishad Amarkhel, Gustavo Youngberg
  • Web Design – Gustavo Youngberg
  • Web Development – Gustavo Youngberg
  • Copy Editor – Angie Espejo

Gustavo Youngberg