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Gustavo Youngberg

I often accredit my unabating love for design to my parents. Growing up in Southern California, I spent my days cultivating bonsai trees with my mother and my nights practicing the romantic and evocative stylings of Chopin and Mozart with my father. For them, scrupulously sculpting plants and mastering classical compositions were not just artful hobbies, but lifelong devotions that brought them immense joy and contentment. I will never forget those peaceful hours of unadulterated concentration. In hindsight, I realized some of my most significant life lessons were tucked right beneath the surface of those precious moments. From my parents, I’d learned the patience needed to master one’s craft, gained the perseverance to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals, and discovered the courage to follow my own passions. Even though they’re no longer here, their valuable lessons are indelible.

Design is a core discipline of our world, and I believe that with design should come substance. This conviction has consistently guided me throughout my career, whether it’s been to visually articulate a message, evoke an emotion, or reflect a truth. At its best, design can be a profoundly potent tool to inspire and influence, and with every project I embark upon I aim to actualize that potential. With this purpose and ambition in mind, I migrated north to the Bay Area, a diverse and challenging community with a creative breadth that fosters innovation and positive change. Since then, I’ve been creating captivating designs for a variety of companies, political campaigns, and startups along with exercising lean-startup and human-centered design practices.

At the end of the day, I’m an empathetic and compassionate guy who wants to bring ideas to life, and by doing so, make a difference–no matter how big or small.

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A few services Gustavo provides include:

Brand and Identity

Creating a brand to give a face to your company or project. This is one of the most important pieces every company needs in order to connect with their audience.

Web Design

Designing and developing the interface with which your audience interacts and communicates with you online is important for maintaining and growing your following.

UX Design

Mobile applications are becoming one of the most important mediums for engaging with your audience and design is at the forefront of mobile applications.

Design Consulting

Sometimes a brand needs a facelift, a complete overhaul, or just to keep up with technology. We continue to innovate and it is important that we keep pushing innovation further.