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Pacwest Tour App

Building on a Tradition of Excellence


Pacwest Portland is an iconic architectural masterpiece that has lived in Portland’s skyline since 1984. Built to present an illusion of two structures locked in an embrace, it stands at 32 stories with 270° of panoramic views of the Greater Portland area.

Our San Francisco Marketing team at C&W was tasked with repositioning the building’s identity and building a full suite of marketing collateral as major upgrades and renovations were set to begin. I worked on the design and development of the website as well as the design and development of the mobile product.

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The challenge was organizing the content into a story that could be told with our mobile product while at the location and away.


The biggest challenge during development was creating the complex stacking plan to illustrate the current availabilities of the property using a minimalist illustration of the building.


Initial sketch of app home screen and user flow through rough content

The process involved building multiple prototypes. First, I developed a makeshift app using InDesign’s DPS Builder (CS 2014) in order to obtain client buy-in. I then took the UI and UX that we developed during our prototype stage and rebuilt the app using Ionic. After testing the new app internally using Apple’s TestFlight, we conducted live tests on site for use during tours and quickly iterated on feedback.


The result is a mobile product that guides a user through the project and its offerings. Complete with imagery and videography to create an environment that the user can envision themselves in while they walk through the on-site marketing suite or on the way to the location.

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App first load screen

Initial load screen.

Home screen with video of property

Home screen introducing users to the property. Includes a video excerpt in the background as a teaser to the video linked below the logo.

Image gallery of Pacwest

Future screen includes an image gallery featuring renderings of the renovated lobby area.

Building illustration with availabilities highlighted

Availabilities screen includes all current openings in the building. Using a line illustration of the building, we highlight the available spaces and provide detailed information such as floor plans, features, and square footage via modal popup when users interact with the page.

Interactive map highlighting amenities in the area using Mapbox

The Location screen includes an interactive map using Mapbox that highlights the area's amenities such as food & drinks, transit, hotels, and retail.


  • Client – LPC West
  • Agency – Cushman & Wakefield
  • Creative Director – Ville Kansanen
  • Web & Product Designer – Gustavo Youngberg
  • Web & Product Developer – Gustavo Youngberg

Gustavo Youngberg