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The Humanist Experience is a unique podcast series that uses experiential learning and storytelling to explore and learn about the world around us. Its focus is on discussing social issues with a Humanist filter and learning on an experientially based platform. This podcast is a project by Spectrum Experience, LLC, in collaboration with Unbeliever's Media, LLC.

As the lead designer for this project, I was responsible for creating the logo, website, and supporting graphics for the project. In order to execute these tasks with the most freedom and flexibility, the website was also built and developed by myself.

My goals for this project were as follows:

  • One, create a logo that would be representative of our project
  • Two, create an experience around this logo that could be versatile enough to be used in broad range of causes, projects, and organizations.

Using the name that the team created for this project, Humanist Experience, I used the current symbol of Humanism as a starting point and developed it into the logo it is now.

The second goal of this project led to the design and build of the website which would focus on an experiential perspective of web pages and an attention to accessibility


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Website Design


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Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz



Logo Design

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Web Design

Humanist Experience Desktop site

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