The Darwin Day Foundation

Brand & Web Design

The International Darwin Day Foundation is an international nonprofit organization that exists to promote scientific discovery through intellectual bravery, perpetual curiosity, and a hunger for truth as embodied by Charles Darwin.

The IDDF's mission is to bring about a global resolution to establish February 12th, the birthdate of Charles Darwin, as an internationally recognized holiday that celebrates the work of Charles Darwin and encourages the celebration of science and scientific discovery.

As the lead designer for this project, my role was to rebrand IDDF in order to realign the brand with a focus on the work of Charles Darwin then Charles Darwin himself.

After completing the rebranding of IDDF we then redesigned their website, I was responsible with the design of the website and the implementation of our brand guidelines with the new site.



Website Design


Brand Identity


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Domus Titling Font

Hypatia Sans Pro

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Logo Design

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Web Design

Desktop: Home Page

Darwin Day website on desktop

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Tablet: Event Page

Event page as displayed on a tablet screen

Mobile: Home and About Page

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About page as displayed on mobile

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