København, 2018

Custom Booklet


When planning a trip it helps to have a detailed itinerary. This past year I visited Copenhagen and created a personalized itinerary booklet to help guide me through my trip. It includes restaurants, museums, activities, stores, and historical locations I researched beforehand.

The printed booklet also includes area maps, store descriptions, hours, and important information for bookings and reservations.

The end result is a pocket-sized booklet that serves as a highly-convenient traveling resource.

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Mock-up of day eight spread


The challenge in creating this book was the combination of research and planning involved in conjunction with sourcing content and organizing the information in a way that could be quickly referenced for important details like store hours and transit lines.


The process involved several months of diligent research into Copenhagen and searching for high-quality, accurate content. After sourcing enough copy and imagery, I sketched out the layout for the book, narrowed down on a final trim size, and began building out the itinerary in InDesign. Once I finalized the plans, I brought the book to a vendor and had it printed before the trip.


The result is a 100+ page, pocket-sized booklet complete with: brief and detailed itinerary, restaurant reservations, store hours, location and transit maps, and beautiful imagery from Unsplash.

With the booklet in hand, I was much more informed on the trip on what to do and how to do it. This will be an ongoing project for each adventure trip that I take.

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Gustavo Youngberg